Choosing your airline, and the class in which you decide to travel, can be very important to the overall experience of your travel.  My wife and I had the experience of flying first class on American Airlines many moons ago, and it set the tone for what was a wonderful trip to Hawaii. But even if you fly coach, a positive attitude, a smooch on the lips, and an "I love you" goes a long way towards happiness, which is the ultimate destination.


Airline Phone Number Web Site
Air Canada 888.247.2262
Air China 800.227.5118
Air France 800.237.2747
AirTran Airways 800.247.8726
Alaska Airlines 800.252.7522
American Airlines 800.433.7300
British Airways 800.247.9297
Delta Airlines 800.221.1212
Japan Airlines 800.525.3663
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 800.347.7747
Korean Air 800.438.5000
Lufthansa 800.645.3880
South African Airways 800.722.9675
Southwest Airlines 800.435.9792
Turkish Airlines 800.874.8875
US Airways 800.428.4322
United Airlines 800.864.8331