How To Say I Love You was initially the idea of my wife, but her interests went in another direction, so I decided to take it over and expound upon her idea of informing  people how to say and pronounce “I love you” in  different languages.  Love is not limited to mere words, love is also a nonverbal idea or expression that manifests itself in actions that are behind the words, “I love you!”  It is in this spirit that I have attempted to come up with a few simple, yet practical, tips to say “I love you” that will put more meaning behind the words.

How To Say I Love You will hopefully plant the seeds of creativity that you develop and nurture in your own mind, and ultimately bring  to fruition.  Perhaps that idea is a wonderful piece of jewelry, a walk in the park, or a bouquet of flowers that only you can create.  Maybe it’s an impromptu trip to Paris, or a weekend getaway at a bread and breakfast inn. Perhaps it’s an e-card or a romantic message on a Facebook wall.  You will have to figure that out.  In the meantime you can say “I Love You” in one of the many languages on the web site, and even pronounce it correctly as we have given you a  free  audio and pronunciation guide to help you begin your journey.

So, what are you waiting for?  How To Say I Love You provides ideas that will enable you to add some spice and added meaning to your love life.  Come back often and explore how to say “I love you” in many different languages, and explore other non-verbal ways to express your love like giving flowers and jewelry with birth stones, or taking trips to near or faraway places. Ideas on how to say I love you are a click away on the travel, flowers and birthstones tabs above, and the language links to the right.  Don’t forget to say “I love you” to that someone special today.