How To Say I Love You provides you with a list of birthstones to help you say "I love you" to that special someone with a piece of special jewelry.  If that's a little too expensive, especially in hard economic times, How To Say I Love You also gives you information regarding flowers—a less expensive alternative to say "I love you" that is guaranteed to make the person that you love smile. Just like there are birthstones that correspond to the month that people were born, there are also flowers (birth flowers) that do the same.  How To Say I Love You not only provides you with a list of birth flowers, but also gives information regarding what birth flowers and more mean and symbolize. Pick some flowers out of the garden, wildflowers out of the field, or fresh flowers from your local retailer or florist in order to say "I love you" to your significant other.  You also have the choice of ordering flowers from online florists who will deliver fresh flowers to that special someone at varied prices.  Saying "I love you" with a beautiful bouquet is as easy and meaningful as ever.  


Birth Flowers

Month Flower
January Carnation
February Violet
March Jonquil
April Sweet Pea
May Lily Of The Valley
June Rose
July Larkspur
August Gladiolus
September Aster
October Calendula
November Chrysanthemum
December Narcissus


Flowers are a wonderful way to say "I love you!"  Like a poet to a blank piece of paper, or an artist to a canvas, you can take a basket or vase and fill it up with your own collection of flowers—creating and delivering your own personalized message to the one that you love, making memories that will last forever.


Meaning of Flowers

Flower Meaning
Acacia Elegance, Friendship
Amaranth Constant, Unchangeable
Amaryllis Beautiful, Timid, Proud
Ambrosia Love returned
Angelica Inspiration, Magic
Arbor-vitae Immortality
Arbutus You only do I love
Aster Symbol of love
Azalea Fragile and ephemerl (short-lived) passion
Baby's breath Pure of heart, Happiness
Cactus Grandeur, Warmth, Endurance
Calendula Jealousy
Chrysanthemum (red) I love you
Chrysanthemum (white) Truth
Coxcomb Excellent
Daffodil Regard
Daisy Innocence, Gentleness
Dandelion Coquetry (Flirtation in act or attitude)
Dogwood Durability
Fir Time
Fern Fascination, sincerity
Flowering Almond Hope
Forget-me-not True love and remembrance
Gardenia Refinement
Gladiolus Strength of character, Beauty
Heliotrope Devotion, Faithfulness
Hibiscus Delicate beauty
Honeysuckle Fidelity, Generosity, Devoted love
Hyacinth Loveliness
Hydrangea Boastfulness
Iris Warmth of affection
Ivy Eternal fidelity
Japonica Loveliness
Jasmine Amiability
Jonquil Desire, Affection returned
Larkspur Fickleness, Ardent attachment
Lemon Blossom Fidelity in love
Lilac (white) Purity of heart, Beauty, Innocence
Lily Majesty
Lily-of-the-valley Perfect purity
Magnolia Magnificence, Perseverance
Mimosa Sensitivity
Morning Glory Affection
Narcissus Stay as sweet as you are
Orange Blossom Purity and virginity
Orchid You are a belle, You flatter me
Peach Blossom Captive
Rose (red) Love
Rose (white) Worthiness, Bridal
Rose (yellow) Friendship, Joy
Rose (orange) Enthusiasm, Desire
Rose (lilac & purple) Love at first sight
Rose  (peach) Modesty, Sincerity
Rosemary Remembrance
Snow Drop Hope
Sun Flower You are spendid
Sweet Pea Delicate pleasures
Tulip Love
Veronica Fidelity
Violet Faithfulness