Ewedishale hu (to female)

(ē wĕd shä′  lō)


How To Say I Love You In Ethiopian With Free Audio Pronunciation Guide

Ewedihale lehu (to male)

(ē wĕd hä′ lō)


How To Say I Love You In Ethiopian With Free Audio Pronunciation Guide

Spoken in Ethopia

Although there are many languages and dialects in Ethiopia, the largest segment of the population speaks in Amharic.  Because Amharic has been designated as Ethiopia’s official language, business is conducted and schools are taught in Amharic.

Ethiopia’s main religion is Christianity.  Yet, there is a very large Muslim  population in Ethiopia as well.  The combined influence of these religions  is well represented in Ethiopia’s wedding customs and traditions.

In Ethiopian wedding customs and traditions, the prospective groom and his family petition the parents of a prospective bride through a mediator.  Once the bride’s parents agree to the marriage, the groom and his family give a dowry in the form of money, farm animals, crops, or in whatever form and amount to which the bride’s family has previously agreed.

The actual wedding customs and traditions are very festive.  With much singing and dancing, the groomsmen come the the groom’s home in order to get him and take him to his bride’s home.  During the journey to the bride’s home, the groomsmen surround the groom while singing of his  greatness.

Once the groom and his groomsmen arrive at the bride’s home, the bride’s bridesmaids confront them with songs and dancing of their own.  Customs and traditions at this point entail songs of the bride’s high goodness and virtue, and the groom’s demands to be let in to fetch his bride.

When the groom and his groomsmen enter the bride’s home, they are offered food, but refuse to eat the food until such time that the groom gets his bride.  After much fanfare, the bride is presented to the groom and they feed one another a ceremonial bite of food.

After the meal is enjoyed by all, the wedding party leaves the bride’s home while dancing and singing their way to the groom’s home.  Under old Ethiopian customs and traditions, it would be at this point that the groom would deflower his bride, and present proof of her virginity to the community in the form of bloody sheets.  In modern present day Ethiopia, this step is skipped, and the wedding party continues to celebrate until finally the guests depart.  The newly married couple usually honeymoons in the groom’s parents’ home.

Although Ethiopia still grapples with very real and serious issues such a child brides and poverty, they do have rich wedding ceremonial customs and traditions to offer.  Use the free audio pronunciation and the written pronunciation guide to pronounce words of love in Amharic.  If you have the occasion, and if you like, take as you will from the Ethiopian way of how to say I love you in Amharic.  Use it to enhance your relationship.  You will be glad you did.