One of the more involved ways to say "I love you" is to take a trip with your loved one. Some destinations, like Paris, Greece, or Hawaii may be much more expensive than others, but your love life will benefit from taking a trip to a world-renowned or exotic destination at least once in a lifetime. You may be surprised by how much you can save with just five to ten dollars per week. If you budget for that special trip, money won't be an insurmountable obstacle after five to six years of purposeful saving.

Of course sometimes you may not be able to spare a dime or have the time to go on a trip to an exotic destination, but don't overlook the numerous, less expensive local alternatives. There are probably several places within 100 miles of where you live that are perhaps as fascinating as many places that you see on TV, or read about in magazines. If nothing else, you can take advantage of some of the bed and breakfast inns that dot the countryside, not to mention a relaxing weekend stay at a local hotel.

How To Say I Love You provides you with a list of airlines, automobile rental companies, cruise lines, and hotels. Moreover, you can pick your home state, or another state altogether, from the list of state visitors bureaus, and plan an excursion to sites that you may not even be aware of. All the information that you need to say "I love you" via a trip is right here, so stop procrastinating, do a little research, and begin planning a special trip for that special someone in our life.